Friday, 14 August 2009

Holidays & Dog show`s

Well that's us back from our holiday`s, what a time we had!! First we started in turriff for the turra show yet again Keely won her class & Diesel got a 3rd which was good for him! Then we had a very long drive to Buxton dropped the caravan off and drove down to Paignton well that was a big wash out up to our knee`s in dub`s god that was a really long day! any way Diesel got a 3rd & Keels got a 4th! dont think I don`t think I will do that show again!! We then when to Bakewell show the day after (we done it last year & it was a really nice show a bit like Turriff) under MAGGIE PIGGON Diesel got 1st out of 2 dog`s & Keely got 2nd out of 5 dog`s I was soooooooo chuffed with this then when I took Diesel back in for BoB my boy got RBOB whoop! whoop! We then thought we should really do something with the kids so it Alton Towers it was a really hot day to hot to be walking about! Oh then we thought we would do another dog show (as if we had not done enough)?? Yorkshire gundogs open under S Harris Diesel got 1st Keely got 1st they wear the only dogs in there class very poor show in number`s and then we guessed who would win bob (should have put money on it)?? That's it pic`s to pop up soon when I`ve a bit more time. see you all soon!x

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